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Training for Reaching the Lost
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Remember, in this course you will learn: 

* What is an Evangelist? 
* The Call of the Harvest Field
* Two Thousand Years of Evangelism History
* How to Be a Master Soul Winner
* What is the Gospel? 
* How is the Gospel Best Communicated? 
* How to Give an Altar Call
* Tips for Witnessing One-on-One
* Activating the Holy Spirit in your Ministry 
* Illustrations and Stories for Communicating the Gospel
* What Role Does the Evangelist Play in the Local Church?
* How to Follow Up on New Believers
* How to Raise Money 
* How to Book Speaking Engagements 
* How to Write a Book
* How to Organize a Crusade
* Learn About Activating Churches 
* Preaching to People of Different Religions
* Using Apologetics in Evangelism
* How to Heal the Sick
* How to Cast Out Demons
* ...and much more!!!
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