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"This book will give you the confidence to be able to defend your faith to the toughest skeptic" - Pastor Ray Smith 
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Can You Prove God Exists?

Daniel King's New Book Gives You the Tools Your Need to Prove God is Real
"If you’ve ever had a doubt about God or His existence… This book is for you…"
This book is essential at helping answer three of life’s most important questions!  I have known Dr. Daniel King for over 20 years, and he has lived out the PROOF of this book that he shares on these pages.  If you’ve ever had a doubt about God or His existence… This book is for you… If you need help explaining what you believe… This book is for you… Don’t just take my word for it… Read it and see the PROOF!  Caleb Wehrli - Executive Director, Empowered21 - Founder of Inspire International - Tulsa, Oklahoma USA 
"Whether you’re a skeptic...or a believer this book is for you!"
We all have a worldview that informs how we see, experience, and make sense of life. In Proof: God is Real, my friend Daniel King has provided us a clear, well researched way to help all of us answer the three greatest questions of life: Is God there? Does God care? And Do I dare? (to choose to follow him). How we answer these questions shapes us in countless ways, now and for eternity. Whether you’re a skeptic struggling to understand whether God can possibly exist or a believer looking for ways to better share the hope you’ve found in Jesus, this book is for you!- Kevin Palau - President and CEO of Luis Palau Ministries - Portland, OR
"Quite Phenomenal Read"
"In Daniel King’s latest book, “Proof God is Real” he sets out to tackle several age old questions of: Is there a God? - If there is a God, does He care about me? - and If there is a God who cares about me, what is my response to Him?  As he lays out his evidence for God, case for His Caring, and hope for everyone to respond to him he does so with insightful proofs from everyday life, common sense analogies, and well-documented facts. Only then does he move to complex evidences and solid Biblical examples. This is a quite phenomenal read that you will find yourself wanting to underline, highlight, or make a note so you can remember these truths forever. - Keith Cook Sr. - On the Go Ministries - Nashville, Tennessee
"...Academically credible and easy to read..."
“We’ve all had questions about life, God and truth at some point in our lives. In his most recent book, Dr King presents classical truth in a timely fashion. The threefold division of this book makes it easy and logical to follow the arguments set out. This book is both academically credible and easy to read and understand. You would be remiss not to have a copy on your shelf and one to give away!— Dr. Desmond Henry - Director, Global Network of Evangelists
"Superb job countering the attacks against God’s existence"
Atheism is increasing becoming a problem, especially among young people. Through so called “higher learning” people think they have outsmarted the obvious truth that God exists. God does not call atheists intelligent, but calls them a “fool.” Atheists don’t want to believe in God because belief in God logically leads to accountability to God, and that is the real motive behind atheism. They don’t want to be accountable to God. Daniel King does a superb job countering the attacks against God’s existence. I fully endorse his book, “Proof: God is Real.” — Tom Brown - Word of Life Church - -
"You will be tremendously encouraged in your faith in Christ"
Proof God is Real is written by a Christian leader who is regularly relates to atheists, agnostics, non-Believer’s, and Believers dealing with doubts. His words are not shared in a ministry vacuum, but shaped by the heart of an evangelist who ably explains that Christianity is a factual faith. I encourage you to read & study this material so you can be “ready to give an answer for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15). You will be tremendously encouraged in your faith in Christ.— Dr Jim Burkett - Director, Apologetics-on-Fire Conferences and TheOklahoma School of Apologetics & Practical Theology

Atheists Are Attacking Christianity...
That's Why Christians Need to Read 
"PROOF God is Real"

The state where I live is considered to be “the buckle of the Bible Belt.” That’s why I was stunned when I saw an advertisement that said the annual conference of the American Atheists would be held in Oklahoma City. An atheist conference held in New York City or San Fransisco would be no surprise, but a conference for atheists right here in mid-American was like an alarm bell going off. It felt like the devil was coming right up to the pearly gates and attacking heaven. 

“What should I do about this conference,” I wondered, “should I denounce it? Should I try to get churches to demonstrate against it?” Finally, I settled on a novel approach. I decided to attend the conference. 

Why did I decide to go into the lion’s den? Well, my name is Daniel and I like to imitate my Biblical namesake. But, more importantly, I wanted to hear what atheists were talking about. What made them atheists? Why do they refuse to believe in God? 

For three days, I attended their workshops and listened to their lectures. I met many of the most well-known YouTube stars who post videos about atheism that are watched by millions of viewers. I bought their books and talked to them. 

I found out that militant atheism HATES Christianity. They want to strip us of our religious rights. They deny the Christian origins of our nation. They are adamant that there are no objective morals and they push unfettered sexual liberality including homosexuality, polysexuality, and abortion. (Just one week after their conference was over, they were forced to fire the president of the American Atheists for making unsolicited sexual advances to various woman). 

After the conference was over, I wrote a blog post about everything that I had learned. Most of my blog posts are not that popular. Three or four comments on a typical post is all I get. But, my blog post about the atheist conference received hundreds of comments in a few hours. Most of the comments were from atheists who were pointing out how stupid I am. 

That’s when I knew I had to write this book

This experience showed me how important it is for Christians to confront militant atheism. The atheists at the conference want nothing less than the death of Christianity. The dogmas of atheism are the quintessential threat that is facing the church in America at this time. If we are not careful, America will become like post-Christian Europe where churches are being turned into apartment buildings. 

That’s why I wrote this book. I want to give every-day Christians the ammunition they need in order to defend their faith. When an atheist challenges your beliefs, how will you reply? When atheists try to take away your religious rights, what will you say? This book will help you defend your faith and prepare you to confront the biggest threat Christianity faces today. 
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